Passing Over


I was standing on a rooftop in Colombia, watching the sun set behind an enormous city. The city stretched as far as my eyes could see, painting the distant mountains grey.

I thought to myself:

I wonder how many people, right now, are laughing so hard their stomach hurts?

I wonder how many people are having an orgasm? I smiled at this thought; I sensed many.

I wonder how many people are currently experiencing deja vu?

I wonder how many people, at this very moment, are breathing their last breath?

With that last thought, I felt my heart sink into my shoes and float a mile above me simultaneously.

The only thing I could then do was to strongly meditate on sending immense love, comfortability, and feelings of acceptance to those who were currently passing over. I closed my eyes and got so lost in doing this that by the time I opened them again, the only light left in the sky was the reflection the clouds held of the city lights.

Since then, I have been doing this intermittently throughout the day. I know it may seem strange, and perhaps even more so that I don’t find it to be very strange- but so many people find death to be such a dark thing, and perhaps that is why I feel propelled to send love to those who are currently experiencing it. . .

I guess I am sharing this because I am curious to see if anyone else would try and see what kind of experience it is for them. Please let me know your thoughts and if you've tried it ♡.